The rules below were formed solely to ensure quality and usefulness of resumes posted in this section.

You can post your CV under these conditions:
  • Your CV is complete and up to date.

    Your resume should contain some information about you (especially where do you live and whether you are willing to relocate), languages you speak, your education, skills and experience. If you can, post also some information about past jobs. The better you prepare your CV, the more interesting it will be to your potential employer.

    A sample CV template might look like this:
    <name>, <location>, <date>

    <short personal info> <willing to relocate/will not relocate>

    Desired occupation:
    <job you are most interested in>

    Work experience:
    • <from>-<to>, <company>, <job>,
    • ...

    Education and training:
    • <from>-<to>, <degree>, <field>, <institution>,
    • ...

    • Polish (native),
    • English (good),
    • ...

    • x years of working experience with C++,
    • y years of working experience with Qt3,
    • basic understanding of CORBA or whatever,
    • ...

    Additional information:
  • You are really interested in getting a job.

    Resumes older than 1 month will be removed unless you notify us that you are still interested.

  • You are interested in a Qt-related job.

    This section has been opened on request from members of our site. We are not job-finding centre.

  • Your resume is written in English.

To ensure that this rules are respected new posts will appear only after they are accepted by one of the moderators.

Remember that we can't guarantee anything --- we just give you an opportunity.

Note: This section was opened for a test period, if there won't be enough interest in it, we will close it. Also we reserve the right to change these rules at any time.