• Meet Qt GUI Testing Specialist froglogic at Nokia's Qt Developer Days 2010

    Is increased complexity putting ever more strain on your Qt Software development and Quality Assurance Teams? Has time-to-market pressure forced you to cut some corners? Has late detection of bugs delayed your release or were significant bugs not detected until your software was already in the hands of your customers? Does multi-platform deployment of your Qt Software keep you up at nights?

    Test Automation using a tool like Squish can help your organization deal with such challenges and free up your limited human resources to focus on higher level tasks. froglogic invites you to stop by for a demonstration of how we can help you move beyond time consuming and error-prone manual testing of Qt applications and why a commercially supported offering might be better than internally developed solutions.

    • Squish offers dedicated support for automating testing of Qt user interfaces as well as many other GUI technologies
    • Squish supports testing of Hybrid Applications such as QtWebkit or Native Windows Controls embedded into Qt based Applications.
    • Squish's new, state-of-the-art IDE is Eclipse based and allows for very efficient workflows
    • Squish offers both Record'n Playback as well as Advanced Scripting
    • Squish is truly Cross Platform and supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and embedded systems
    • Squish GUI tests can be automatically executed via command-line tools accross machine- and platform boundaries
    • Squish is actively developed and supported by froglogic and ships with Source Code
    • More information is available at: http://www.froglogic.com and you can sign up for a fully functional and supported evaluation copy of Squish here: http://www.froglogic.com/evaluate.

    We look forward to seeing you in our booth during the Qt Developer Days in Munich (Oct. 11th - 13th) or San Fransisco (Nov. 1st - 3rd) and showing off the new Squish 4 release to automate tests of state-of-the-art Qt user interfaces on desktop and embedded/mobile platforms.

    About froglogic

    froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java AWT/Swing and SWT/RCP, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa and for HTML/Ajax-based web applications running in different web browsers. froglogic also offers services in the areas QA/automated testing and C++/Qt programming and consulting. More about froglogic is at http://www.froglogic.com.

    "froglogic" and "Squish" are registered trademarks of froglogic GmbH. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
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