• 6 months have passed

    Half a year ago a new Qt oriented website was born — QtCentre, the Ultimate Qt Community site. The reason for establishing QtCentre was to give the Qt community a new top notch, working and helpful place to share and seek knowledge and experience related to Qt.

    During those six months many things have happened and many hours were spent to provide you all with a usefull, nice looking and robust place to have your questions answered.

    After 180 days since the very beginning we have almost two thousands users registered and about five hundred of them being active all the time. They posted over fifteen thousand posts in almost three thousand threads giving us an average of over eighty posts a day.

    To celebrate the time we have spent together and as a gift to you following a wish to continue prosperity of QtCentre together, we bring you a wiki and two new sections of the forum. The first, so that you can present your resumes to potential employers and the second to introduce and receive feedback about Qt software you develop.

    We promise to continue to support the community and give you more presents in the near future.
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