• Qt 4.2 getting closer

    Today Trolltech announced availability of the first release candidate of the upcoming Qt 4.2 series.

    Qt 4.2 will introduce a long avaited replacement for the canvas module present in Qt3, which made it possible to efficiently operate on a large number of graphical objects. The replacement, known as Graphics View, is said to be able to operate on millions of items without major slowdowns. This opens a whole new world to Qt4 application develoment.
    Another interesting feature is a possibility to create custom look and feel for applications using methods simmilar to Cascading Style Sheets known from HTML world.

    Qt 4.2 also tries to integrate better with different desktops with features like tray docking, launching default browsers, default mime handlers, Cleanlooks style for better integration with GNOME applications, default desktop icon themes and probably much more.

    You can download the latest Qt bundles from Trolltech site.
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