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    by Published on 22nd December 2010 23:29
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    From the announcement of this competition: “As developers of applications using Qt, you already know how great it is to work with – but how about on mobile platforms, such as Symbian and MeeGo? How would you like to take that step you have been wanting to take, but not been able to justify: Take your application from the desktop and bring it into the hand-held world via the Ovi store.
    Let this contest be the justification, with the possibility of a new phone or even 10,000 euros waiting at the end.”

    Since the announcement, it has also come to light that the competition is open to newly developed applications, and not just to ported applications. So, even less excuse now! Fire up your code editor of choice and get to it - you wanna win them monies, don't you?

    So, what are you waiting for? More details can be found at the original news post: http://qt-apps.org/news/?id=340
    by Published on 18th May 2010 12:29
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    Nokia Qt Development Frameworks and QtCentre are happy to announce a prize draw.

    Those of you who enter the Nokia Certified Qt Developer program before June 30th 2010 can win a Nokia N97 mini. Nokia Certified Qt Developer is the official accreditation for individual developers and will help you increase your credibility in your work environment and help advance your carrer.

    To enter the contest, visit the Nokia Certified Qt Developer program at http://qt.nokia.com/developer/learning/certification. Then book an examination online. Exams can be taken in thousands of test centres in cities all over the world. Use the code qtcert03 when signing up for your exam to take part in the draw for an N97 mini. Remember, you have to take the test before 30th June!

    by Published on 1st October 2008 13:01

    The QtCentre crew would like to thank all contestants. The submission period is now closed and the judging process will begin. When the verdict has been reached, the results will be announced at FSCONS'08.
    by Published on 1st October 2008 13:00

    KDAB is one of the few service providers out there focusing only on Qt. This gives the company an edge - being leading experts and one of the natural places for KDE and Qt developers to go to when looking for work. As one of the sponsors of the Qt Centre annual programming contest this year, they continue contributing to the community surrounding Qt.

    by Published on 15th September 2008 19:40

    Submission period for the Qt Centre Programming Contest is now open.

    The Qt Centre administration team and fellow judges are looking forward to your contributions. As you might recall, the Qt Centre Programming Contest registration completed in May, and soon, it is time to deliver the goods. September 30 we hope to get a bunch of contest entries in the categories Collaboration, Education, Project Management, Automation, Demo, Plasmoid and New Comer. The winners will be announced at FSCONS'08 held in Gothenburg in October and at QtCentre.org.
    by Published on 7th April 2008 17:30

    April 7th, 2008. QtCentre today launches the second edition of the Qt Programming Contest, the only programming contest focused on the Qt/Qtopia community. Last year a range of innovative Qt-based applications were awarded with various electronic devices - Qtopia(R) enabled mobile phones, laptop, recreational devices, various books on software development and more. Perhaps more important, the contestants were shown to the Qt community and new contacts between developers were made.
    by Published on 31st May 2007 21:30

    The deadline for source code submissions for Qt Centre Programming Contests has been extended.

    The final and unextendible deadline is: June 3rd, 2007 24:00 GMT+1

    If you want your application to be evaluated, please submit the source code before that time.

    With regards,
    Qt Centre Administrators
    by Published on 31st May 2007 00:20

    We would like to remind you that the deadline for submitting final solutions to the Qt Centre Programming Contest is 2007-05-31 24:00 GMT+1.

    If you have not yet submitted your project, please do so before the deadline by sending a mail to contest at qtcentre.org with an attachment holding a complete source bundle, documentation and instructions how to run your project on at least two of the three major platforms (not applicable to the "Mobile Application" category).
    by Published on 16th May 2007 00:42

    The registration period is now over and from now on we accept only final submissions. Please note that the deadline passes on ...

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