• Qt Centre Programming Contest final deadline

    We would like to remind you that the deadline for submitting final solutions to the Qt Centre Programming Contest is 2007-05-31 24:00 GMT+1.

    If you have not yet submitted your project, please do so before the deadline by sending a mail to contest at qtcentre.org with an attachment holding a complete source bundle, documentation and instructions how to run your project on at least two of the three major platforms (not applicable to the "Mobile Application" category).
    If your project needs some external data (images, etc.) of substantial volume, please do not include them in your mail, but instead provide a link to an URL where the data archive can be downloaded.

    In case of several submissions for the same project, the last one received before the deadline will be taken into account.

    If your project relies on some non-Qt dependencies which are not considered standard system tools for each platform, please include all information that is required to download and install the corresponding dependencies on at least two platforms your application supports. If you have doubt whether your dependency is considered a standard tool for each platform, please don't hesitate to ask by sending us an email.

    The list of accepted entries along with information whether the final submission has been received is available under the following URL: http://contest.qtcentre.org/projects.

    Please give few hours for processing your submission. The earlier you submit, the sooner the information about your entry being received will be shown under the above mentioned URL.

    Additional information on submitting your projects is available here: http://contest.qtcente.org/submission.
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