• basysKom introduces basysStyle 1.0

    First cross-platform style engine for Qt®-based desktop and embedded applications enables easy, accelerated, unique, and user-oriented interface design

    basysKom, expert in the development of cross-platform software solutions with Qt and C++, today released basysStyle 1.0, a new product that enables software vendors to easily provide their Qt and Qtopia® applications with a unique user interface design building brand recognition and enhancing usability without the need for writing code. While being incorporated into the Qt application as plugin, the basysStyle Engine automatically creates the new user interface loading graphics and configuration files. As a result, basysStyle provides a wide range of design options and helps software vendors accelerate their production workflow. basysStyle runs on all major operating systems, including embedded platforms.
    The basysStyle Engine addresses a hard-fought market segment of interactive products the success of which does not depend solely on sophisticated technical functions but is also highly influenced by the individual user experience. Electronic consumer devices and home user software prove this trend. “The challenge for vendors today is to go beyond providing great technology”, says basysKom Managing Director Eva Brucherseifer. “Vendors also need to provide premium and appealing design combined with ease and efficiency of use. basysStyle enables software vendors to add value to their superior software technology by creating uniqueness in their product design.”

    Supporting Qt and C++ Applications

    basysStyle seamlessly integrates with Trolltech®’s Qt, a C++ software development framework for building cross-platform graphical user interfaces and desktop applications and Qtopia, Trolltech’s development platform for Linux-based devices. " basysStyle extends the design capability of Qt and Qtopia giving our community of developers exciting new creative options for UI design”, said Robert Green, Global Partner Manager , Trolltech. "As a valued long-time partner, basysKom shares a deep understanding of our customer’s UI needs," he added.

    Designing without Coding

    The basysStyle Engine comes along as a QStyle for Qt applications which allows loading variable style definitions. The Engine reads the configuration and the image files, and automatically assembles them to generate the new “style“.
    basysStyle supports all native Qt widgets (GUI elements). In addition, it allows attributing graphical elements to custom widgets and providing standard widgets, such as buttons, with special design properties and behaviour (effects). Thus, basysStyle enables increased flexibility in graphical user interface design. By providing effect filters which allow creating special effects, such as mouse-over and colouring, the basysStyle Engine helps to reduce the number of additional graphics required. With intelligent graphics scaling basysStyle offers another comfortable design functionality allowing for automatic scaling and constrained scale-space.
    As a result, basysStyle enables software vendors today to easily create individual customized design without writing code thus saving up to fifteen days of programming investment while eliminating the time-consuming process of coordination between design and development departments, and enhancing time to market.

    Cross-Platform Support

    Based on Qt the basysStyle Engine uses the native paint routines of the underlying operating system. It supports Linux, Unix, MacOS-X, and Windows, including previous versions of Windows. In addition, basysStyle supports Embedded Linux and other embedded platforms. With its cross-platform support basysStyle ensures consistent interface design on any operating system.


    Qt applications load the basysStyle Engine as plugin. This enables Qt Designer to preview the custom styles. Likewise, any Qt program can be used for testing. As a result, user interface functionality can be optimized within the design process enabling enhanced quality.

    Integration into the Application Software

    As an alternative option, the basysStyle Engine can be incorporated into the Qt application permanently by embedding source code and configuration files into the application.

    Availability and Licensing

    The basysStyle Engine is available now. Customers interested in an evaluation version and learning more about pricing and licensing may visit:

    Expanded Product Roadmap

    basysKom plans to release the beta version of the basysStyle Editor as early as by the end of September. The basysStyle Editor allows creating new style definitions for the basysStyle Engine in an easy way. The styles are ready for immediate use and distribution.
    For further product information please visit
    http://style.basyskom.com/ or contact:


    Eva Brucherseifer
    basysKom GmbH
    +49 6151 3969 961
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    About basysKom

    basysKom is specialized in cross-platform software development with Qt and C++. The services offered include the development of sophisticated embedded systems software for the automation industry, electronic consumer devices, and for mobile applications as well as the development of Linux desktop solutions with KDE. basysKom also provides consulting, training, and support services. As a member of the Open Source Community basysKom strongly supports the deployment of open source technologies and is actively involved in the development of open source software, such as the graphical user interface KDE (K Desktop Environment).
    basysKom was established in 2003 and is located in Darmstadt, Germany. For more information, please visit: www.basyskom.de.
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