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Qt Centre needs your help!

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Qt Centre is looking for a new moderator. If you are willing to take a more active part in the community, have some time free or are simply willing to face a new challenge, please consider this offer:

  • good English language skills,
  • decent level of knowledge about Internet and ability to solve simple e-mail and web related problems,
  • availability for forum presence at least three days a week.

  • email support regarding Qt Centre technical issues such as registration process, lost password, etc.,
  • care about keeping spam off the forums,
  • thread management (moving, merging, deleting posts).

We offer:
  • a chance to join Qt Centre staff and to become full-blown Supermoderator in future,
  • ability of benefiting form being part of Qt Centre staff (such as visits to Qt Developer Days),
  • ability to help Qt community.

If you have any questions regarding this offer, feel free to comment on this entry or send us an email.

To apply for the position, please use the Contact Us form. Please shortly describe yourself, state your motivation and remember about providing your contact details.

If you are not interested in the position or are not chosen for it, you can still help the community:

Every bit of help counts!

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  1. mazd's Avatar
    hi, i have missed up 'Good English Skill' so can i be moderator?, my need is to make this community larger and more helpful.Thanks.
  2. Amsath's Avatar
    i am a learner of Qt. from where i can start. and where i can get answers for my doubts
  3. EricRenShiyi_ChinaTianjin's Avatar
    hi, I have good english skill and have three years working experience as developer, but I have a full time job now which is very stable, but I am wondering if I can take part time job for this ?


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