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New in Qt Centre - Qt Quick and Qt Essentials

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Hi all,

this is the first blog entry in series describing changes that Qt Centre has been undergoing recently. Hopefully they will let you learn more about capabilities of this site and leverage them to your (and the Community's) benefit.

In this first post I would like to introduce two modifications that were activated today.

As you know recently Qt 4.7.0 has been released to the public and part of this release was the introduction of Qt Quick that consists of QtDeclarative module and the QML language. Forseeing it as an important technology that is likely to bring birth to a number of programming issues people might have we decided to open a separate forum dedicated to Qt Quick. You can find it in the "Qt" section of the board and it's simply called Qt Quick.

The second addition is related to the certificate program Nokia Qt Development Frameworks introduced a year ago. To allow our users to be able to determine the quality of answers they get to their questions and at the same time to allow others to brag about their skills, we introduced a user profile field where one can mark the certificates obtained. To update your profile, go to your Edit Profile page and scroll down until you see the "Certifications" section where you will be able to select the set of certificates you have.

When you mark Qt certificates you own, a badge such as the one below will be shown with your every post.

We ask you not to cheat about certificates you have, the information you provide can be subject to verification against the certification database. Providing false information is likely to cause your Qt Centre account to be permanently disabled.

Have fun with the new Qt Centre features!

By the way - if you read my Qt Centre needs your help entry where we searched for moderators, you might be interested to know that we have chosen our regular user Lykurg to join the team. If you applied but have not been chosen, don't worry -- we will probably choose at least one more moderator from the list of candidates soon.

Congratulations to Lykurg, the Team wishes you all the best with your service to the Community.

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  1. Zlatomir's Avatar
    Congratulations Lykurg!

    And nice that we have a Qt Quick dedicated forum, i'm about to "play" with it a little bit


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