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  • wysota

    by Published on 3rd March 2006 12:19
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    Today the 16th issue (Q4 2005) of Qt Quarterly has been published on Troltech site.
    The magazine covers mostly features that were introduced in Qt 4.1. Five articles were made available.
    by Published on 5th January 2006 11:33
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    Greetings, Qt fans!

    Two months ago the largest Qt community site - QtForum.org was sold to a person, who already owned some linux oriented sites. Based on our knowledge and comparing to what happened to other sites, we understood that he wouldn't be interested in maintaining high quality of the board, he's not even a Qt user.

    We tried to contact him in different ways, but in vain, so we decided to go our own way and host a new community site. Trolltech assured us of their support and helped organise everything. This time we will make sure Qt community has its own high quality board and whatever happens, it will stay that way.

    The site consists mainly of the forum, where you can ask and answer questions or simply chat on various Qt related topics, but there is also a place for publishing articles and tutorials about Qt. As we want it to be a community oriented site, everyone can take part in building the best Qt knowledge base.

    Although we decided to abandon QtForum, we don't want to abandon QtForum users, so we ask you all to follow us and have fun with our New Year present.

    We give you -- The Qt Centre, enjoy!
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