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    Smile PHP-Qt 0.9 Released

    The PHP-Qt team is pleased to announce the immediate release of PHP-Qt version 0.9!

    PHP-Qt is an extension for PHP5 that enables the writing of desktop software in PHP using Qt language bindings.

    It's been nearly six months since the latest release and numerous
    enhancements have been made during this time.
    Changes include:

    * implemented user interface compiler for PHP (which means you can now use Qt Designer with PHP-Qt!)
    * implemented arguments for custom signals which now can be connected to any Qt or custom slots
    * ported to MacOS X (Leopard)
    * implemented handler for '__clone()' magic method
    * allocating more memory for marshalling 'double'
    * automatic conversion of double into long and the reverse
    * wrote tutorials 9, 10, and 11
    * improved calling of ambiguous methods

    While there is still a bit to do before the 1.0 release, we are now close enough to confidently call this the 0.9 release. Some of the things missing which we are planning for 1.0 include: better handling of Qt container classes, packages for Kubuntu, Mandriva, and Mac OS X, Eclipse integration, improved error handling and debugging for developers, and support for all types in signals/slots.

    More information and downloads are available from
    Katrina Niolet

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