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Thread: Problem with spacing

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    Default Problem with spacing

    Hello all!

    My problem is that spacings are summed up if I interleave several widgets.

    In my example I have added a QStackedWidget together with several buttons into a MainWindow. They are layouted using a GridLayout. If I do this the distance between the border of the StackedWidget and the window Margin is already several pixels (might be about 10).
    If i now add e.g. a ListView and two Buttons into the StackedWidget, QT Designer adds another spacer of about 10 pixels between the border of StackedWidget and the widgets it contains. This sums up to a total boarder of 20 pixels!

    Why is there no setting in the Property Editor to change this? I found a setting under Form > Form Settings... (Layout Default, Layout Function) but changing it does not affect anything!

    Thank you for your help!


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    Default Re: Problem with spacing

    Select a widget which has layout installed. Then look the property editor for a group called "Layout".
    J-P Nurmi

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