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Thread: Qt3 Bring to front application

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    Default Qt3 Bring to front application


    I would like to know if it is possible to bring a Qt application to focus when it receives a message whilst running in the background.

    Now by this i mean if i was using say firefox and my qt application was running and it received a defined message it would be brought to focus in front of my firefox app.

    Now i have seen the QWidget::setfocus function but it does not seem to work on an operating system level.

    Iv also looked at setActiveWindow() and then raise() functions, but the KDE window manager (on SUSE SLED 10) that im using does not seem to allow the application to come up in front.

    was just seeing if anyone out there had come across and solved this problem.

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Qt3 Bring to front application

    In Qt4 there is QApplication::alert() but I'm unable to find a similar method in Qt3. It wouldn't bring the window in front of others but would tell the user there is something demanding his attention.

    By the way - setActiveWindow() or raise() should have worked.

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