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Thread: sorting problem in QSetting set.allkeys() ??

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    Default sorting problem in QSetting set.allkeys() ??

    i want to read some db names from a config file and they are ordered.
    but when i read them with allkeys , the data that i have now is sorted by allkeys!
    what can i do ?

    Qt Code:
    1. //for example
    2. QSettings settings;
    3. settings.setValue("a", Qt::white);
    4. settings.setValue("c", QSize(32, 96));
    5. settings.setValue("b", true);
    6. settings.setValue("d", false);
    8. QStringList keys = settings.allKeys();
    9. //instead of a c b d i have a b c d !!
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    but i need a c b d ???
    any idea.

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