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Thread: OpenGL problem

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    Default OpenGL problem

    i have installed Qt4.3.2 and when i run FrameBufferObject example .it says

    "This system does not support OpenGL/framebuffer objects."

    while there are OpenGL header files present in the path /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.3.2/include/QtOpenGL

    [babu@localhost QtOpenGL]$ pwd

    [babu@localhost QtOpenGL]$ ls
    QGLColormap QGLFormat qgl.h QGLWidget
    qglcolormap.h QGLFramebufferObject QGLPixelBuffer QtOpenGL
    QGLContext qglframebufferobject.h qglpixelbuffer.h

    none of the opengl examples run ,but the QGLFormat::hasOpenGL() returns true.

    where did the mistake happened.
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    Default Re: OpenGL problem

    The fact that your system has OpenGL installed doesn't mean it supports all OpenGL extensions. You'd have to upgrade your system's graphic capabilities either by installing appropriate software or buying new hardware (or both) depending on the situation.

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