I'm currently working on a application with some special skills. Unfortunately I do not find a solution for following problem:

My application is running on a linx-system (Suse 9.x). It is a multi-screen system which means the system has more than one logical monitor. My application runs on the screen :0.1
The system reads mouse-inputs not directly from a normal mouse. Instead there are some hardware inputs. These inputs are translated from the application itself into MouseEvents and CursorPositions which are sent into the system by using the QMouseEvent and QCursor classes.
While the MouseEvents are working correctly there is a problem with the Cursor.
I set the actual cursorposition (calculated from the hardware inputs) with the method QCursor::setCursor(..) from the QCursor class. Unfortunately the Cursor is always shown on the screen :0.0 and not on the screen :0.1 where my application runs.
I've tried to add an offset (resolution of screen 0) to the calculated position, to translated the calculated position with the mapToGlobal() funciton, to translated it with the Help of the QDesktpWidget-class and so on... -> no one of these approaches were successfull. The Cursor, set by QCursor::setPos(..), was always on screen :0.0 instead of screen :0.1

Did anyone know how I get the cursor appearing on screen :0.1?

Thanks for your answers!