I'm currently writing a very small app designed to perform auto-authetication to a wifi network. The case is a bit weird :
  1. the OS network layer first connects to the wifi network (unencrypted)
  2. the user log into the network through a browser
  3. the network connection is closed by the server every hour or so

My goal is to get rid of step 2 and 3. I already achieved half of it. Authentication is as simple as a properly formatted post reqest to a static IP. The second part however is giving me headaches... I tried several methods to determine whether the connection was working or not (including but not limited to QTcpSocket::connectToHost(), QHostInfo::fromName() and QHttp::get()) and none worked properly... It looks like there is some caching somewhere inside Qt which renders these approaches plain useless (or I may also be doing something wrong...).

Any hints on how to achieve this in a pure Qt way?