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Thread: QGraphicsView and scrollbars

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    Default QGraphicsView and scrollbars


    I'm using a QGraphicsView widget for the texture browser I'm currently coding. I load a big image file with a lot of textures on it and then do lots of stuff to it.
    Now the problem is I want to display all of the image in the horizontal direction. For example: if the size of the image is 256x512 I want my QGraphicsview to have a width of 256.

    For now, let's say the image width is always going to be 256 and I set it to that manually. When the image height is large, a vertical scrollbar is going to appear, but then the viewable area of the widget is not 256 anymore and I can't see the whole image in the horizontal direction.

    How can I solve this?

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    Default Re: QGraphicsView and scrollbars

    • subclass QScrollBar and reimplement QWidget::showEvent() and QWidget::hideEvent()
    • subclass QScrollBar and reimplement QWidget::setVisible()
    • use an event filter to catch show/hide events

    react to visibility changes and make the view larger/smaller when needed.
    J-P Nurmi

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