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Thread: fail to build QT 4.4 on Solaris 10 x86

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    Question fail to build QT 4.4 on Solaris 10 x86


    I've tried to build Qt 4.4 on the Open Solaris snv_87 x86.

    But I get the following linker error:
    CC -mt -R/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.4.0/lib -R/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.4.0/lib -o ../../../bin/uic3 .obj/release-shared/customwidgetsinfo.o .obj/release-shared/databaseinfo.o .obj/release-shared/driver.o .obj/release-shared/treewalker.o .obj/release-shared/ui4.o .obj/release-shared/uic.o .obj/release-shared/validator.o .obj/release-shared/cppextractimages.o .obj/release-shared/cppwritedeclaration.o .obj/release-shared/cppwriteicondata.o .obj/release-shared/cppwriteicondeclaration.o .obj/release-shared/cppwriteiconinitialization.o .obj/release-shared/cppwriteincludes.o .obj/release-shared/cppwriteinitialization.o .obj/release-shared/main.o .obj/release-shared/ui3reader.o .obj/release-shared/parser.o .obj/release-shared/domtool.o .obj/release-shared/object.o .obj/release-shared/subclassing.o .obj/release-shared/form.o .obj/release-shared/converter.o .obj/release-shared/widgetinfo.o .obj/release-shared/embed.o .obj/release-shared/qt3to4.o .obj/release-shared/deps.o -L/source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0/lib -L/usr/sfw/lib -lQt3Support -L/source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0/lib -L/usr/sfw/lib -lQtSql -L/usr/openwin/lib -lQtNetwork -lxnet -lQtXml -lQtGui -lpng -lSM -lICE -lXi -lXrender -lfreetype -lfontconfig -lXext -lX11 -lresolv -lsocket -lnsl -lQtCore -lz -lm -lgthread-2.0 -lthread -lglib-2.0 -ldl -lpthread -lrt
    Undefined first referenced
    symbol in file
    q_atomic_fetch_and_add_int /source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0/lib/
    q_atomic_test_and_set_int q_atomic_fetch_and_add_int /source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0/lib/
    q_atomic_test_and_set_ptr /source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0/lib/
    q_atomic_decrement .obj/release-shared/customwidgetsinfo.o
    q_atomic_increment .obj/release-shared/customwidgetsinfo.o
    ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to ../../../bin/uic3
    gmake[1]: *** [../../../bin/uic3] Error 1
    gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0/src/tools/uic3'
    gmake: *** [sub-uic3-make_default-ordered] Error 2
    I'm using the Sun Studio compiler
    CC: Sun C++ 5.9 SunOS_i386 2007/11/15

    I searched the code, and I couldn't find anywhere, where the function 'q_atomic_fetch_and_add_int' was defined.

    Any hint's are welcomed.


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