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Thread: Problem with closing the application

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    Question Problem with closing the application

    Hello, I have a very odd problem.
    During the start-up of my application, I do some checks to see whether the plugins were loaded properly, etc. All these checks happen in the constructor of the MainWindow (descendant of QMainWindow) and when some of them fails, I want to close the application. However, using QApplication::close(), close(), qApp->quit() or destroy() has no effect (or, at least it does not close the application, I am not aware of any other side-effects), the MainWindow shows up (and later my application crashes because it assumes the plugins are already loaded).

    My closeEvent() is reimplemented,
    Qt Code:
    1. void MainWindow::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event){
    2. workspace->closeAllWindows();
    3. if (activeWindow()) {
    4. event->ignore();
    5. } else {
    6. event->accept();
    7. }
    8. }
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    but I think that the problem is elswhere, because I checked that the event->accept() line is called.

    Do you have any ideas how to close the application?


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    Default Re: Problem with closing the application

    You might want to move the checks outside of the constructor & call them before your exec() (or show() or whatever). If you move the checks to a "bool MainWindow::checkPlugins()" call, you can then check the return value and either bring up the main window or exit the application.


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