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Thread: Qlabel size string too long

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    Default Qlabel size string too long

    Hi ppls,

    I have a statusbar on which I add three Qlables. I set the string on these three lables. Sometimes i have too long strings. This is really ugly because the other two lables would not be seen. How can i break such long strings in order to let the other two qlables seen.??

    Thanx in advance.

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    Default Re: Qlabel size string too long

    not sure what your ultimate intention is, but here are some pointers:

    If you want the text of a QLabel to wrap to the next line, call label->setWordWrap(true);

    Are you using layouts to position the labels in the status bar? Or are you hard-coding the positions? With layouts they would adjust to accomodate the size.

    Call label->adjustSize() whenever you set new text to a QLabel to make sure the label is large enough to fit the new text.
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