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Thread: Problem with A SQLite Query

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    Question Problem with A SQLite Query

    all, i am trying to change the name of my table name present in my database....
    i am using this query

    ALTER TABLE USERS RENAME TO USERS1 this thing works very good...
    the problem is i need to create my table name basing upon the current system time....
    is this possible.... to have system current time as my table...

    the query for that which i am trying is

    Alter table USERS1 Rename to time('now','localtime'); query string is returning an exception saying that " there is an error at '(' "

    So can any one help me sorting this

    Thanks in advance....

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    Default Re: Problem with A SQLite Query


    Why are you not using a QTime/Date function .toString and add this to your query as a parameter ... e.g.

    Qt Code:
    1. query.exec("Alter table USERS1 Rename to " + QTime::currentTime ().toString(your format))
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    But I think "." is not allowed as a character in a table name ... use something else then

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