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Thread: Combobox with checkable items

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    Default Combobox with checkable items


    i want to have a Combobox with checkable items just like Qt Designer has to set flags for some elements.

    What i have done so far: I created a model and connected it to my combobox, this model returns that the items are checkable as a flag. Everything works fine, except that the popup of the Combobox is closed when an item is clicked. How can i prevent that and set the item checked instead (I can let my model return that it is checked but i need to know which item was clicked, and the popup also needs to be redrawn after that) ?
    In this thread:

    someone mentioned to install an eventfilter, what exactly have i got to do?
    If you got other suggestions how to make this work (without external libs) i would also be glad to hear.


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    Default Re: Combobox with checkable items

    You can simply override QComboBox::hidePopup() with an empty implementation.
    J-P Nurmi

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