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Thread: How can I display XML in Qt??

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    Post How can I display XML in Qt??

    I have to display XML in Qt.
    So, I tried to use QTextBrowser.
    But when I look around this site,
    some people said it is impossible(In aamer4yu's thread).

    What I REALLY know:
    1. Is it really impossble?
    2. if first question's answer is "Yes", instead of QTextBrowser, what can I use?

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    Default Re: How can I display XML in Qt??

    1) Its not impossible... but very tedious.
    2) I havent tried QTextBrowser.

    What I did was, I modified the Simple DOM Model example. In the model part, I made it return data in one line as a tag instead of multiple columns. Second, I set a Tree view on this, and on the tree view set a delegate to do xml highlighting (xml highlighter).

    But this is not as efficient as IE displays it. I dont have the ending tags.</tagName>. And my spacing is not perfect.

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