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Thread: The coordinate system

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    Default The coordinate system

    Hi, i have a problem with the coordinate system

    In the windows coordante the y-axis is this:
    |------> X
    v Y

    But i need (beacause the calculates needed) this coordinate system:

    I can change the view with QMatrix with this instruction:
    Qt Code:
    1. QMatrix MyMatrix;
    2. MyMatrix.scale(1,-1);
    3. GraphicView->setMatrix(MyMatrix);
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    I need this for my draws in tha scene, but i need put a text in the scene, and with this action the text also is reflected, then:

    How I can change the coordinate system for my drawings and it does not to the text?

    Sorry for my bad english

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    Default Re: The coordinate system

    How about setting the QGraphicsItem::ItemIgnoresTransformations flag to true?

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