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Thread: Plugins & Qt - Eclipse integration

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    Default Plugins & Qt - Eclipse integration

    A friend and I are trying to build a gui for Software Defined Radios. We are running Qt-4.4.1, Qt-Eclipse Integration 1.4.1, and Eclipse 3.4. Eclipse is installed in /opt. All of this is running on the latest Ubuntu.

    The problem we are having is that we are unable to load new plugins into the Qt Widget list in Eclipse.

    To build Qt we have run:
    ./configure -release -qtnamespace QtCppIntegration
    sudo make install

    The Qt build appears to be successful.

    We then successfully built the application, QtLED, using:
    make release

    Then we installed in /opt/eclipse/plugins/com.trolltech.qtcppdesignerplugins.linux.x86

    When we start up Eclipse the QtLED plugin does not show up in the list of widgets.

    I'm sure we've missed something simple, but at this point we could use a little help finding our error!



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    Default Re: Plugins & Qt - Eclipse integration

    Nice not to be alone ...

    I have exactly the same problem, everything seems to work fine, but my custom widgets don't appear in eclipses widget box.

    I am using Qt 4.4.0 and integration 1.4.0.

    Would be thankful for any advice ...


    @Mel: Why do you use "make release"? My Makefile doesn't contain a release target.
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