Hi all,

I'm writing an app using QDesigner to set up ui's, and have run into a weird problem with dock widgets. Basically I've lost the ability to resize the dock areas when widgets are docked, although they are properly resizeable when floating. I have run out of ideas as to why this might be, and am hoping someone here can help!

a) The docks work fine in the designer preview.
b) They also work fine if I set up a new project using the same .ui file for the main window (so it can't be anything to do with the UI setup)
c) Even with a cut-down version of my real project in which the mainwindow constructor only calls setupUi and nothing else happens, docked dock widgets are not resizeable. Aside from calling a few non-gui related constructors this modified version of the program doesn't actually do anything, so I can't see why it's any different from b) above

Anyone run into this sort of problem before? Any ideas? Help much appreciated - am tearing my hair out over this.

If it makes any difference, this is WinVista32, MinGw, Qt4.4

Thanks in advance,