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Thread: Qt Embedded + OpenGL problem

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    Question Qt Embedded + OpenGL problem


    I'm having problems configuring opengl to work with qt 4.4.1 embedded. I did install qt x11 first and hellogl compiles and runs fine on that. However once I installed qt embedded I couldn't include QGLWidget because there is no /usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.4.1/include/QtOpenGL/ folder. Shouldn't it be there?

    I also have OpenGL ES sdk installed and I would prefer to use that instead of regular OpenGL, but I can live with the regular + qt embedded combo also. What exactly am I supposed to do after installing qt x11? The documentation isn't very clear on this, since all it says is to include QGLWidget header and then code away.

    My environment:
    Ubuntu Hardy
    Qt X11 opensource 4.4.1
    Qt embedded opensource 4.4.1
    Don't know which version of desktop OpenGL I have but it's installed.
    OpenGL ES SDK 1.5.30

    Thanks for any advice and please don't hesitate to suggest anything. I might have missed something very obvious .

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    Default Re: Qt Embedded + OpenGL problem

    when you install qt embedded opensource 4.4.1, did you run configure like this:
    ./configure -opengl es1 -qvfb
    and also you should set the include path and lib path of opengl es let the qt embedded to know.

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