I'm trying to use Qt for a game-like application. I have a QGLWidget doing the OpenGL drawing. Now i want to implement free mouse look (like in a game). I can blend out the mouse cursor using QWidget::setCursor(), but the mouse pointer can't cross the screen edge. So, for example, if I want to turn to one direction, the turning stops when i reach the screen edge, even though I would like it to continue turning.
I have just started programming with Qt some days ago, does anyone have suggestions how to best implement free mouse look in Qt?
I have tried to use Cursor::setPos(), to keep the cursor from reaching the screen edge, but this function generates a mouse move event, which I would have to ignore somehow. Additionally it would probabely not be very safe to call Cursor::setPos() from inside the mouseMoveEvent() handler, which I would have to do.

thanks in advance