My Mainwindow is seperated in two parts.
On the right side got two QListWidgets in seperated QGroupBoxes with buttons and LineEdits etc.
On the left side only a QGLWidget within a QGroupBox.

The left side should not expand horizontally to leave the most space for displaing stuff on the right.
But when resizing the MainWindow, which includes all, the left side should expand vertically.
Most interesting is an square display area on the right.

But when i maximize the MainWindow left and right side won´t get vertically bigger than a certan value, for which i can´t figure out, where to set is. So after maximizing there is an empty area on the bottom.

How can i adjust the size policy, that:
a: Left side expands to the posible maximum vertically, but just by expanding the two QListWidgets?
b: Same on the right side. Expanding the QGLWidget to the most possible size.
c: Including a fixed horizontal expansion for the left side, when minimizing the Mainwindow.

For understanding follows my layout hirachie:
- Mainwindow - includes all, GridLayout
- Horizontal layout, wich includes left and right side.
- Left side is a vertical Layout, which includes two GroupBoxes.
- Within these GroupBoxes there are gridLayouts for the Buttons, lineEdits and ListWidgets
- Right Side is one big Groupbox, with an Gridlayout, where you can find the QGLWidget.

I hope i was able to transfer my problem.
Thanks a lot in advance. Any hints are welcome.