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Thread: QTreeView. Qt.4.4.1

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    Default QTreeView. Qt.4.4.1

    I have a problem with QTreeView...which I dont know is a feature or a bug.

    I have a Treeview (same for treeviewWidget) with a header and 4 columns.

    I add rows like:
    equipment 1
    equipment 2

    where row1, "concentrator" is in column 1
    and row2, row3 "equipment" is in column 2 and defined with addChild to row1,

    I want to make a tree very similar to file explorer...and use the sort possibility in treeview..

    I have disabled wordwrap.

    Now when I move column 2 towards colum1 (make column1) shorter, the text "concentrator" is cut....

    How can I make the text of column1 to "spill" into column 2 so that the text is not cut..
    This is a normal behaivour in spreadsheets (when wordwrap is off) but it seems impossible with treeview..

    I know the alternative is to write all data in column 1, and have a second treeviewwidget with the headers...and then do all the programmning myself.

    have a nice day, and thanks in advance for the replies.

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    Default Re: QTreeView. Qt.4.4.1

    I think you should put the children of the top item into column one and not column two. As they are children, they will be displayed indented relative to their parent. Then your problem will go away itself.

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