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Thread: How to build an application to work as a Window Service

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    Question How to build an application to work as a Window Service

    Hi people!.

    I need to replicate the data stored in several .dbf files on a local machine to a MySQL server on the Internet. So, I'm thinking to write a small Window System Service that will take those files and upload them to an Apache HTTP Server in order to export the data into MySQL through PHP.

    So, I'm looking for more detailed information on Windows System Services Programming with Qt, so that the user on the local machine can have a mean of controlling the service and monitoring the whole process through a small System Tray Icon.

    Please, I'd appreciate that someone could point me to an URL or give me information on this.


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    Default Re: How to build an application to work as a Window Service

    AFAIK there's a Qt solution that allows you to build services, but if you don't have access to Qt solutions, you will have to use plain windows API.

    You can start reading from here:

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