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Thread: implementing 'scrollview'

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    Red face implementing 'scrollview'

    Hi ,
    I created a simple form with a textlabel (textlabel1) and a dropdownbox .If you select any option from the dropdownbox,you should have a pic displayed in the textlabel and have scrollbars on the sides if picture size exceeds the textlabel's area.
    The problems that I am having are....
    1) The scrollview shows up with the scrollbars but the picture isn't displayed anywhere.

    2) If i have some text on top of my text label then a small portion of the picture appears in the background of the text.

    3)I tried to set the geometry of the textlabel but though it works when I comment out all the lines except textLabel1->setGeometry(100,80,300,200);

    But, as soon as I bring the scrollview into picture,it shows the above described results(1 & 2).
    I guess it might have something to dowith the label being made a child of the scrollview....I don't know how to get around this problem......Please provide a solution for it,I have been trying for the last 2 days(newbie)

    I have attached the code below,please check it out and let me know of the mistakes in it and what changes to make....working on Qt3.3
    Thanks in advance.

    Qt Code:
    1. #include<qscrollview.h>
    2. #include<qlabel.h>
    5. void Form1::showscrol()
    6. {
    7. QScrollView* sv = new QScrollView(this);
    9. sv->setVScrollBarMode(QScrollView::AlwaysOn);
    10. sv->setHScrollBarMode(QScrollView::AlwaysOn);
    11. sv->setGeometry(100,80,300,200);
    12. textLabel1->setGeometry(100,80,300,200);
    14. textLabel1->setPaletteBackgroundPixmap(QPixmap("/root/Albums/NEW/DSC01059.JPG"));
    15. sv->addChild(textLabel1,100,80);
    16. sv->show();
    19. }
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    Default Re: implementing 'scrollview'

    Try this:
    Qt Code:
    1. QScrollView *sv = new QScrollView(this);
    2. QLabel *label = new QLabel(sv->viewport());
    3. sv->addChild(label);
    4. label->setPixmap(myPixmap); // where myPixmap is... your pixmap
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