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Thread: how to create multiple windows in QT

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    Default how to create multiple windows in QT

    Iam new to QT, Iam using QT4.4.3 integrated with Visual studio 2008 .
    I want to develop an application similar to attached Kapsersky Anti-Virus Tool.
    I have learned the Basics in QT like working with Forms, Layouts, Slots and Signals.

    I have following doubts

    1) How to create Protection window (I don’t know the exact term to be used) and the following labels under it?
    2) How to link buttons and labels on left hand side of the window to right hand side window. I mean how to change the Right hand side Window dynamically on clicking the Buttons and Labels in Protection Window.
    3) My Requirement is to create two buttons on the left hand side of the window and link them dynamically to two different controls(windows) on the right hand side.

    I already went through some of the basic tutorials with QT installation kit but was unable relate it to my current requirement
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    Default Re: how to create multiple windows in QT

    1) As far as I know Qt doesn't have built-in widgets like this. But in the net you can find classes (derived from Qt classes) that do what you expect.
    2) Read the Qt docs carefully. The chapter on "signals and slots" is what you definitely need.
    3) Well, just do it .

    Hint for 2)
    connect( yourPushButton_1, SIGNAL(clicked()), rightHandWidget_1, SLOT(changeRightHandWidget()) );

    You walked through the tutorials. Good. But the parts concerning signals and slots has to be understood!

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