I'm developing a gui interface for some old program in fortran (atmospheric models) I'm using QProcess class.

The program interacts with the gui through the standard error and standard output mechanism (great idea of the Qt developers). I use the standard error as a way to send messages to the gui. Everything works great in Linux but in windows (XP and 2000) the last standard error messages are not processed. It acts as if after the normal ending of the batch process (Qprocess normal ending) the standard error buffer are erased.

I send a signal every time I got a standard error but the normal end of the batch program seems to happen before the last standard error messages beeing processed and the standard error buffer gets clean (I think). In that way I'm not able to use the last message I sent to standard error

Anyone knows if this is a normal windows behaviour or there is something i'm missing?

My best regards,

António Tomé