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Thread: "Cannot run program "C:\Qt\4.3.3\bin\qmake": file not found

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    Default "Cannot run program "C:\Qt\4.3.3\bin\qmake": file not found


    I'm trying to build a new QT project with Eclipse. I have installed Qt by Nokia 4.4.3(Open Source), MinGW and Qt Eclipse Integration v1.4.3.

    I can create a new Qt project with eclipse with File -> New -> Qt Gui Project. But after the project is create the following error message is shown in Eclipse: ""Cannot run program "C:\Qt\4.3.3\bin\qmake": file not found".

    I don't know why this happens because that is the correct path for qmake.exe.

    I have also created QTDIR and MINGW System variables and added C:\Qt\4.3.3\bin and C:\MinGW\bin to PATH variable.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: "Cannot run program "C:\Qt\4.3.3\bin\qmake": file not found

    I can compile and run Qt programs with Command line so the problem seems to be with Eclipse.

    I also have Carbide installed on my Windows XP. Is it possible that this is creating problems?

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