I had been sucessfully using qwt-5.1.1 with Qt 4.3.3 and MinGW under Windows XP. I recently uninstalled Qt 4.3.3 and MinGW, deleted the directory containing qwt-5.1.1 and then installed the new Qt Software development kit, which includes Qt 4.5.0 and MinGW. Following that I reinstalled qwt-5.1.1, including the examples.

In running the qwt example programs, approximately half of them raise a Windows error, which is displayed in a dialog box. The dialog says, e.g., "curvdemo1 has encounterd a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvienience. Please tell Microsoft about this problem." The dialog contains a button that, when pressed, causes some environment info to be sent to Microsoft.

One of the example programs that leads to this error message is Bode. I traced the problem to the creation of the plot picker, d_picker, in bode.cpp. When the application is run, passing the mouse cursor across the plot region raises the error. If I change the DisplayMode in the constructor call from AlwaysOn to AlwaysOff, the problem goes away. Of course, the picker no longer has its desired effect.

I have the same plot picker problem in a program that I am developing. It worked with Qt 4.3.3 but not with 4.5.0.

The other five qwt example programs that raise the error dialog don't appear to have pickers, and I haven't tracked down what is causing them to fail.

Has anyone else tried running the qwt examples when used with Qt 4.5 under Windows XP? If so, do they all work as they should?