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Thread: [Solved] Using a Subversion Client with QtCreator

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    Default [Solved] Using a Subversion Client with QtCreator

    I have figured out how to do it.
    1. Get a hosting account for subversion (e.g. [Free private hosting])
    2. Set it up and create a new repositry
    3. Get a subversion client and checkout that repository
    4. Copy and paste any files you already have into that folder and commit the files.
    5. Open qtcreator and edit the svn settings in tools->options to have your repository user and pass and the exe of the svn client. [Note: not all work, i have tried collabnet subersion client and that works, but tortoiseSVN doesnt seem to]
    6. In QtCreator open the pro file inside the checked'out folder
    7. QtCreator will now have a new option in the tools menu called SVN. All your commands are in here!


    Could someone provide instructions on how to set-up QtCreator with Subversion and/or GIT on XP?
    I have been playing with svn because it seems that for git, you need some sort of cgywin installed. I also understand that it requires a command line based program, so I downloaded CollabNets Subversion command line client. However, I can't seem to figure out how to integrate this into QtCreator.

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    Default Re: [Solved] Using a Subversion Client with QtCreator

    Ahh, thanks. I hate it when programs have magically appearing/disappearing menus. I should have tried the JUST-DO-IT approach.

    BTW, you don't need to pay/get a hoster for svn. You can host svn locally.

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