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Thread: DBus Registration problem

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    Post DBus Registration problem

    I am using dbus to communicate two different process ./Qt (GUI)and ./Mymain(non GUI)

    I have registered Object and registered the service(name- com.nirav.test at path- /aa) in ./Qt .

    Then I have created Interface of this service name in ./Mymain. I am calling function of ./Qt from ./Mymain using ... ).

    So till Now I have been able to communicate from ./Mymain to ./Qt. using dbus interface.

    my aim is to intimate ./Mymain when ever any button clicked in ./Qt.

    Now I have register object in ./Mymain at path /aa/bb. when i run my ./Mymain object get registered.(I have used debug to check whether object registered or not)

    But when I run qdbusvewier It show only the slot registered for object in ./Qt process at path /aa.
    It doen't show slots of object i have register in ./Mymain at /aa/bb.

    I dont know what wrong with it..

    My class declaration is as below,

    Mydata : public QObject
    // Constructor and destructor
    public slots:
    // name of the slots


    I am directly registing this object without mashalling or demarshalling(Is it needed ?),and alos i have not used QCoreApplication(argc, argv) or QApplication(argc, argv) in my ./Mymain.

    Please help me....

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    Default Re: DBus Registration problem

    This is a duplicate, please don't double post:

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