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Thread: Rebuild Qt 4.5.1 Static

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    Default Rebuild Qt 4.5.1 Static

    I have been successful rebuild Qt4.5.1 Linux x86 static from SDK 2009.02.

    But I am a little bit confused ...
    There are some libraries and programs in plugins directory,
    so there is some commands to build especialy with that???

    I used:

    Copy the /opt/qtsdk-2009.02/qt to /opt/qtsdk-2009.02/qt-static
    Enter in /opt/qtsdk-2009.02/qt-static
    ./configure -static
    make sub-src
    make install

    It install in /usr/local/Trolltech even with prefix set to other point so
    I moved it again.

    Has this version (that I compiled) the same functionality of the dynamic
    version that I got in the SDK 2009.02?


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    Default Re: Rebuild Qt 4.5.1 Static

    Static Qt version doesn't use plugins. You have to specifically link them to your application or directly embed them into Qt libraries. Read about "static plugins" in the docs.
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