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Thread: zooming only x

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    Default zooming only x

    I need to plot a set of data, and then I need to zoom only the x axis, and panning to scroll the plot.
    Using simple_plot.cpp example I am able to plot data vector.
    Then how can I zoom x axis?


    ps: I tried QwtPlotMagnifier with poor results.

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    Default Re: zooming only x

    With QwtPlotZoomer you can zoom in/out by selecting rectangles with the rubberband. A zoomer is always related to an x and a y axis. With zoomer->setAxis(int, int) you can change this relation. Use an invalid id for the y axis to disable it.

    QwtPlotMagnifier uses wheel/mouse events to zoom in/out in steps. The default magnifier is zooms all axes. You can change this with QwtPlotMagnifier::setAxisEnabled().


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