I have a question I was wondering if someone could help me out with.

I have created a simple custom widget, using Visual Studio integration, just a collection of QObjects on a form, linked together with signals/slots and a few functions & variables to make a control.

To utilize this control in other widgets and windows I put it into a library and successfully loaded it and used it within another custom widget. (The idea is eventually to use QMainWindow but I havn't experimented with that enough yet so I am using another custom widget to 'host' it for now - I have a feeling this matters)

I created an instance of my control within my new widget, moving it to the center. Now, however, I want to distinguish it from the rest of the window by giving it a different background colour, and I can't.

I've set "background-colour" using setStyleSheet() and the colour changes for all the widgets children, but not for the form itself (i've tried specifying Form in setStyleSheet()).

I'm not too clear on the Form background; does this acctually 'exist' - as in its an object I can specify and set the options for independantly, or is it just a name for the collection of widgets and their arrangement, and so there is no way to set the background?

Hope thats clear enough, thanks!