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Thread: Where is code file

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    Quote Originally Posted by wysota
    To be honest the best way to learn Qt is to sit down and do something simple with it ("Hello world" is a good thing to start with). Then add something more complex, etc. No tutorials needed. Of course all this applies if one already knows C++.
    I've already done a dozen Qt tutes. It mostly make perfect sense to me even though my brain has probably been damaged by assembly programming. I can usually visualise the underlying code & structures and even why it is the way it is. I am happy with signals, slots, inheritance, overloading, and so on. I have already written a few working Qt apps for various things, one of which entailed writing a C interpreter (in C++) for industrial PLC control. I've written graphic packs (point, line, circle, ellipse etc.) in 2650, Z80, 6809 & 68K. I am just having trouble guessing the way it is done in Qt. Throwing a painter at a pixmap does not seem a guessable act.

    I often find this level of info is missing, causing long delays while I try to deduce what QThingy might help, or even if one exists. You surely know the problem - e.g. you need to already know that a certain function exists, its name, and the name of the header file to #include. Without already knowing that much the function does not exist in your inner world model and you cannot use it until you stumble upon it. It borders on a philosopy problem. The only way I've found to handle this is to read include files during spare moments.

    The current task involves 3D coordinate rotations & translations for navigation, so I want to look at the result as a picture. I've done the cannon tute, the butterflies & a few other QCanvas exercises. I have modified them to satisfy myself about various details. I even have the new app working showing a nice little 3D axis with direction pointers & local horizon. I just wish I could get the canvas view to appear on MY window along with the other widgets instead of appearing in its own unintended window. None of the drawing tutes seem to address this as they do not use the GUI designer.

    In those tutes the widgets seem to fall where they may according to rules which I cannot deduce. I must use the GUI designer as I do not know how to force my screen layout to be what I need using size hints & various nudging mechanisms. I would lose all the nice auto-layout springs & things. That's why Trolltech invented the designer. The frustration comes from the inner certainty that the fix will be just a few lines of code, but will take a few days to find.

    Ah well, keep plugging.

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    What you describe is not exactly a Qt-specific issue. You need to know what to expect when working with any toolkit. If you want a tutorial between the Cannon and the Qt Reference Docs, I would like to recommend the Independent Qt Tutorial. It it I try to demonstrate many of the common Qt classes - including painters, canvases and OpenGL.

    As for the painter - pixmap relation when drawing - that is just plain OO. You'll get used to it - I promiss!

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