my actual task is to integrate qt into a project dll which plugs into a product using mfc and com.

Right now the plugin adds a new Tab to a propertyPage.

As described in the QtWinMigrate homepage I called

Qt Code:
  1. if ( dwReason == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH )
  2. ownApplication = QMfcApp::pluginInstance( hInstance );
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inside the DllMain function.

After this I created a QWinwidget inside the OnInitDialog()-Method of the CDialog which is shown as the property page. Finally I load my ui-file I created using the designer into this widget.

Everything works well but once I use the curser-keys inside a QlineEdit field it loses focus and the tab caontaining the hosting CDialog is switched. When I switch back to my property page I cann access the field again using the mouse but now keystrokes are registered.

I guess it is a focus problem but I don't know where to take a closer look at.