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Thread: Webview->setHTML issue?

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    Default Webview->setHTML issue?

    Have I stumbled across a Webkit bug here? This used to work in 4.4.3 and now it won't in 4.5.1

    We have a document that we want to display page by page, the whole document is inside an XML file.

    in 4.4.3, I was able to do a ->setHtml(PageData, baseUrl); correctly.

    now, in 4.5.1, it only works once, subsequent setHtml() are met with nothing, the initial view is still there and the new HTML isn't shown at all!

    Anyone knows if this is a Qt issue, or a limitation, or something new I need to do that I'm missing here?

    What I don't get though, is that the Qt Previewer sample, this works fine.

    So I'm obviously doing something different, though I can't see what it is, since the sample only calls the setHtml like I'm doing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Webview->setHTML issue?

    Well, I figured out what was the problem,

    my baseUrl was containing an anchor.


    in 4.4.3, seems that setHTML didn't care about the anchor being there.
    in 4.5.1, it seems it doesn't care the 1st time, but another setHTML will be totally ignored.
    once I removed the anchor, everything worked as intended.

    Now I have to test on mac, see if this still holds up.

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