the application is created with Qt-4.5.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with Qt Creator. I have copied the executable file along with required libraries (compiler libraries, Qt libraries, qwt libraries) to a folder (the application folder) in /opt. I have run Bitrock install builder-6.12-qt version. The installer is made and its installed on other system which is not having Qt.

I have checked the dependencies with 'ldd'. and the application is compiled in release mode.
the application is installed successfully. when i tried to execute the application, its giving the following error:

I have followed the demo build application of Bitrock install builder. I am suspecting that my application is not finding the libraries that are provided with it in its installation directory. pls put some light on this.
Can anybody tell me the right procedure of deploying Qt Application on Linux.
I also have followed the 'Deploying applications on X11' article. I did not understand the library path setting script properly.
If any one you have successfully deployed Qt-4.5.1 application on Linux, pls post your suggestions. thank u very much in advance.