i'm a newbie in qt.

i develop under linux suse-10.3.-64.bit
qt version: qt-creator
qt running
-> examples with mit opencv & opengl OK

for a program i must have a rs232-serial-connections to
a microcontroller.
under "c" its running.

now the questions:
- 1) for qt i have download the qextserialport-1.1.tar.gz
- 2) after +entpackt+ (on german)
- 3) with the qt-creator make build with the *.pro - files

- Makefile
- /build/ -> *.so - files 4 pieces
- /build/obj/ - *.o files
- /examples/qespta/

what are next steps?
that i can working with the qextserialport ?
working with rs232-servial-comport?

it's ok when i do on the console a "make"?

or takes this more steps?

if are these steps ok, can i then running the

thanks for help and hints and tips.
excuse my bad english
regards nomad