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Thread: Question about multiple Y axis

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    Question Question about multiple Y axis

    Hi, i'm new to Qwt and i have a question.

    I have to plot many curves in a single QwtPlot, they can be stacked and/or overlapped and each with its own scale as you can see in the attached images.

    I have found some posts that explain how to do something similar, but since all those posts have at least 1 year I would know which is the current situation before start to work on this.
    The question is: Qwt now support multi Y natively or i still have to follow the old posts i found?
    In the second case: Is multi Y support planned for a future release?

    Thanks in advance

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    plotmatrix sample from Qwt 6 is what you're looking for. Remove QGridLayout margins and set spacing to 0 to have a nice multi channel display.


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    Default Re: Question about multiple Y axis

    I've done such the same thing (for the same data RPM, Speed, Throttle, GPS Map ) but I used, for many reasons (flexibility..), a QGraphicsView in which I placed for each acquired channel a QwtPlotCurve, with its own QwtScaleMap. Then i used the "draw" method inside QwtPlotCurve.

    Finaly I speed up the whole thing with QGLWidget.


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