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Thread: Date defines in Sqlite?

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    Lightbulb Date defines in Sqlite?

    Hello everyone,
    first of all I hope to have caught the right section...

    then my question is simple: are there some prepared date defines in sqlite?
    I mean something like MAX_DATE or MIN_DATE, like c has MAX_DBL for the biggest double possible, same but for dates.
    I need it for an automatic query that search ever before and/or ever after a given date, using case.
    I could use hardcoded dates but first I don't know what are max and min dates for sqlite, then usually defines are so cute...

    oh and thank you very much to every one just join this forum site!

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    Default Re: Date defines in Sqlite?

    Great, now people are botting for this title. Means my efforts of actually working for it were in vain.

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