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Thread: Missing doc\html directory after Windows Vista 4.5.3 install (LGPL)

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    Default Missing doc\html directory after Windows Vista 4.5.3 install (LGPL)

    Unable to find doc\html documentation files after 4.5.3 install. Only directories under root Qt directory named 'html' are ('dir/b/s/ad html' output):


    The book C++ Gui Programming with Qt 4 2nd edition p. 10 says that html documentation should be located under the Qt's doc\html directory. Is this directory still included in 4.5.3?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

    Optional Background information:

    I installed Qt 4.5.3 for 1st time on Vista using installation program. No errors occurred during the installation and compilation of the libraries using Visual Studio 2008 C++ compiler. Also, I did find assistant.exe under c:\Qt\2009.04\qt\bin (and it works) but Qt Assistant is not in the Qt start menu list (not a big deal). I am able to open up demo .pro files in Visual Studio 2008 and compile/run them, I just cannot find the doc\html browser-based help files. Neither can I find a separate documentation download URL on the site.
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